Rencontre étonnante avec un jeune artiste multi talents ZIV LAHAT : Peintre, Designer dans la mode, Lowbrow Artiste (mouvement d’art pictural), Cartooniste, Artiste de street art et Illustrateur.




Je m’appelle Ziv Lahat, J’ai 35 ans, je vis en Israël.
Mes parents sont israëliens et Je suis né en Côte D’Ivoire car ils travaillaient là-bas.

Depuis mon enfance je suis un passionné d’art, d’histoire, de cultures, d’ethnies, de musique et de mode.

Plus tard dans ma vie j’ai étudié la mode à Paris (ESMOD), et après j’ai commencé à bosser dans ce milieu. J’ai commencé a créer ma propre marque de customisation de sneakers et à monter des collaborations avec des boutiques en France et a l’étranger.

Je travaille aussi comme styliste pour des photographes, Personal Shopper et aussi Créateur de mode pour quelques marques.

Depuis que je suis rentré en Israël, je me concentre sur mon art, j’ai des expositions et des articles dans la presse dans le monde entier.


My Name’s Ziv Lahat , 35 years Old.

I was born in Ivory Coast (I was born there because My parents were in a mission there).

From younger I was always passion of Art, History, Cultures, Ethniques, Music and Fashion.

Later on my life I studied fashion design in Paris (ESMOD) and later took part in exciting fields in the fashion world, including advertising of my own created costumed shoes ,collaborate with a few sneakers shops and an article about my shoes art , Styliste, Personal Shopper and Fashion Designer for a few companies in the industry.

Later I came to Israel and started to work on my art, my art has been exhibit in worldwide and have a lot of articles worldwide too.

©Moi à Paris


Paris Est Magique

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©Silvestre me with my customized sneakers / Guillaume Lechat Photography



The City you prefer ?

Paris always in my heart (Paris est Magique)

Could you explain your creative process ?

First of all I  put music that I love for the most will be polynesien or reggae, jazz ,rockabilly,ska,surf ,exotica and after that doing a little search of what I want to draw and  start to draw.

Your inspiration ?

It came sudden…I always love to draw and to create new things.

What is the message behind your art ? 

The message behind of my art’s to be happy and to feel the good vibes on each art that I created.

Your artists reference ?

Wow it’ll be a lot first of all my Mom second will be Ed Roth,Von dutch,Bob Marley,Shawn Dickinson, Ron English Keone Nunez,Filip Leu,Tom Laura, Ron English,Risk,Mist,Tilt,Cope2,Suluape Familly,Chaz Bojorquez, Whang Od,Mr GTiki,Von Franco,Dondi,Tats Cru,Laurent Purotu,Roonui,Tim Hendricks,Doug Horne,Dave Burke,Damian Fulton,Dirty Donny,The Pizz,Frank Kozik,Horiyoshi 3,Speedluck,Keith Weesner,Sol Rac,Shag,Tiki Shark ,Sailor Jerry, Trey Surtees,Knuckle,Grimb,Ware Mad Sculpture,Lucky Rudy,Hoodoo Man,Holiday Paint,Masa Sculpt,Psycho Graphix,Monster Farm , Samoan Mike,Croc Tatau,Jeroen Franken,Thierry Rossen,Neil Bass and many many more….for this I’ll need a blank page ;-).

Your favorite app ? 

Instagram and Whatsapp.

Your philosophy and lifestyle ? 

To be happy and to do what you believe on it.

Your favorite collaboration ?

My favorite collaboration was to create a skateboard to an exhibition in Brazil and It was so creative !

Your projects ?

I’ve a lot of projects for the moment and want to have more.

I’m always looking for more galleries to exhibit…