Reda, mannequin chez Women Management illustre notre série édito RED LIKE REDA, série qui porte bien son nom 🙂


Nous avons posé quelques questions à Reda:




Let us know a little bit about yourself…

I am from Lithuania and I live in Biržai
I start modeling about 1 year ago

What makes you laugh?
The man who makes me laugh its my boyfriend. He has helped me to be model, I am very grateful to him for everything because without it I wouldn’t arrived anyhere.


If you were to write your autobiography, what would be the title?
My autobiography title would be « Always be yourself » its means you do not change the character, do not do bad habits, hobbies, not learn behave and think differently, that people respect not because you are you, but because there is something to respect


What’s your favorite app?
just one favorite app it is facebook


Which 3 personalities inspire you most?
i have only 2 personalities who inspire my most its my Mom and my boyfriend.


Who are your favorite artists or singers?
My favorite singer is Adele I love her voice


Your best beauty advice?
Smile – the best cosmetics, a girl can wear.


How was the shooting for justemagazine?
Shooting it was comparable i have great emotions, playfully time and unforgettable memories 🙂 i say BIG thank you


Make Up : NAT
Thanks to MAUVIETTE (Des faux tatouages par des vrais tatoueurs)
Photo Making of : ≠tai_superchinois