Interview d’une fille sublime Linnea, mannequin chez THE FACE, shootée lors de la série « Blurred Lovers ».

A few words to describe yourself?

Intelligent, funny and cool (I asked my friends).

What is your bedside table book at the moment?

Tales of falling and flying by Ben Loory.

What is a perfect Sunday for you?

A perfect Sunday is a day when I’m completely free and able do whatever I feel like. 

If you could be someone else from the history who would it be?

A really famous star like David Bowie or Queen who had and still has such an impact on so many people’s life’s by just doing what he or she loved.  

What is your modjo in life?

Learn from everything.

Who do you dream to work with?

For me it’s really inspirational to see people work towards a goal of what they believe in. It would be really interesting to spend a day at work with a scientist or someone working for peace. 

What or who would you take to a desert island?

Anyone of my best friends because I know we are always able to have a fun time wherever we are. Or a horse. 

What is your favorite word?


A few words about the shooting?

From the shoot I will remember soaking up vitamin D in the French countryside and how nice everyone in the team were. 


instagram : @linnearimberg

photo : selfie ©Linnea