Portrait de Julia, mannequin chez Supreme Management, shootée lors de notre série NEW ERA



Let us know a little bit about yourself…

I am from Germany! I live there in a village near Munich.
Since two weeks I am in Paris.

A few words to describe you…

Special, happy, grateful and always reliable 😉

When did you start modeling?

On january this year

What is your best experience as a model so far ? 

Walking and opening my first fashion show ever!
It was in Berlin.

What makes you laugh ?

When I see my family.

Your dream ?

My dream is going to New York!

Your favorite places in Paris ?

I don’t have favorite places in Paris yet, there are so many beautiful places! 🙂

What’s your favorite app ?

WhatsApp, I use it every day!

Which 3 personalities inspire you most ?

Anna Wintour, Iris Apfel, Gigi Hadid

Where would you like to go? For work ? For holidays ?

For holidays and also for work I would like to go to Caribbean or somewhere, where are beautiful beaches and sunny weather!

Your best beauty advice ?

Eating healthy, thinking positive and being yourself 🙂

About Juste Magazine ?

I had a lot of fun, I loved the locations and we were a great team !;)


Model Julia@Supreme Management

Photography By Pascale Lourmand