Georgie est mannequin chez OUI MANAGEMENT. Elle a posé pour notre dernière série mode CALLING 70’S.

Juste une première impression pendant le shooting: she’s an amazing girl !

Une petite interview pour la découvrir un petit peu plus…


Let us know a little bit about yourself…
I come from a small farm in Australia… where there are lots of snakes and spiders and all those other nasty things you see on TV. But I survived! Yay!


A few words to describe me…
Well I like to watch/read/hear about interesting characters and events… I love stories. So I guess each day I try and fill my life with something interesting so that at the end, my life is one great story of adventure, people and places. Oh and I love useless but fun facts.


When did you start modeling?
When I was 18 years old, poor law student, stuck in Sydney, dreaming of being in Paris or New York. I had never wanted to be a model before that but suddenly here I am!

What is your best experience as a model so far?
Definitely 3 hours castings and living out of a suitcase… just kidding! Probably the catering at one of the Dior shows… the amazing ice-cream van. That was a great experience. 


How was the shooting for JUSTE magazine?

Dusty! We were shooting in an abandoned house, peeling wallpaper, old telephones and books. It was magical but there was a lot of dust!


What makes you laugh?
Jokes? Is that a stupid answer…?


If you were to write your autobiography, what would be the title?
My Life and Other Fun Facts


What’s your favorite app?
Google maps… hands down. Saves my life most days.


Which 3 personalities inspire you most?
Nelson Mandela, Eleanor Roosevelt and recently, Malala Yousfzai.


Who are your favorite artists or singers?
Favorite artist would be one of the surrealists… Dali or Ernst. Music? I always love the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.


Your best beauty advice?
No sun, no sugar, no salt, no alcohol, no fun. Haha! I think the world is a bit crazy and extreme about beauty advice these days. If you are happy, you will feel and look beautiful. Do what makes you happy.







Blouse : Tara Jarmon

Robe et écharpe : Boden


Georgie est représentée par l’agence OUI Management à Paris.
Georgie is represented in Paris by Oui Management agency.