Daria Rodionova est mannequin à l’agence City. C’est avec JUSTE magazine qu’elle a vécu son premier édito, sa première série mode sous l’objectif de la photographe Pascale Lourmand. Pour marquer le coup, on lui a posé quelques questions histoire d’en savoir plus sur sa personnalité. Et on a bien fait car elle révèle dans ses réponses une personnalité subtile et pleine d’humour, au delà de la simple image de mannequin.



Parisian agency City models ‘s new face Daria Rodionova recently did her fist fashion editorial with us. The JUSTE magazine fashion team went outside enjoying the first spring sunlight and warm weather to shoot this fashion editorial with Daria as our beautiful muse.

She took the time to answer a few questions to let us know more about her.




How did you get where you are today?

By chance


What keeps you going on?

I am curious.


In the morning what do you think in front of the mirror?

It is not your time of the day.


What is your motto?

Why not?


What would you change about yourself?

Become more responsible


Street or dandy?



Rock or hip hop?



Your favorite smell?

Fresh cooked meat


What is your daily beauty routine?

Brushing my hair. That’s enough.


Your dream?

Doing what I want and where I want.


Your favorite artist?

Le peintre Ivan Aivazovsky


Your favorite app?



What’s rolling in your playlist?

Russian folk music


What puts you in a good mood?

Sleeping and apples


Your final word?

First, hope not last


Daria est représentée à Paris par l’agence CITY.


PascaleLourmand_JusteMagazine_Daria_MV8A6034 PascaleLourmand_JusteMagazine_Daria_MV8A6469



Photographer’s assistant MARIE-AMELIE MARTIN