Venu des Pays Bas, Bauke est mannequin à l’agence M. Son petit air de Leonardo Di Caprio nous a tapé dans l’oeil. Il a posé en exclusivité pour notre dernière série mode masculine sous l’objectif de Pascale Lourmand.

Pour en savoir plus sur sa personnalité, Bauke a répondu au questionnaire JUSTE.




Fav music track:
Has been for a while, and still is:
Notorious thugsNotorious B.I.G. ft Bone Thugs N Harmony


Latest book bought:
Can’t remember which one that is


Fav thing in my wardrobe:
The Will Smith Flamingos T-shirt I got to keep at the shoot for Juste magazine, designer is Laurent Desgrange.
I’m in love with it 🙂


3 things I always pack when travelling:
My pink dad cap, from the parisian brand WASTED, earphones and a perfume, because I like to smell good 🙂


My fav location:
Sint Maarten/Saint Martin. An island in the Carribean, where a big part of my family lives, including my grandpa. I love to see them and I like the island very much.


What impact does fashion have in my life:
I think it’s important to look good, and so you’re outfit had to be good. But it’s not that I’m always paying attention to it. Sometimes I’m a bit slobby. Which I regret when I go out 🙂


What I do for fun:
I hang out with friends most of the time. Take the car and go on a little roadtrip.
Or go to a bar and have some beers.
Or just hang with friends at home and watch some movies or play some games.
Also I play fieldhockey as a sport. So I spend about 6 hours per week into training and matchdays.


What my goals for the future are:
I really don’t know what I want to do when I get older. I want to study, but I don’t know which studies yet. And then get a job that I like. When I have a job a want to meet a woman that I can marry and have children with.


What impact social network has on my life:
I think social network is a good thing, because you can keep in touch with your friends in a very easy way. But there are also disadvantages, such as; everybody can see what you look like and check you out, even if you don’t know them.


Xxx bauke


Portraits: Pascale Lourmand