Nous avons fait la rencontre de Bibi lors de notre shooting « Blondie Forever ». Sous le charme de sa belle énergie, nous avons voulu en savoir plus sur cette preppy girl, new face de l’agence Wm.


Since when did you start being a model ?

I started out after my graduation at a school for fashion design in Austria. It is about 2 years ago.

What is your best experience ?

There are so many good experiences.. I can’t choose one!! In general I love to meet and to work with creative people/artists that let me be part of their vision, it’s such an honor. Travelling is also a wonderful thing and I found some very good friends since I am modeling.

What is your worse experience ?

The worse experience.. hmm missing my people at home and the uncertainty of the whole business.

What do you have in your iPod ?

I’m a rock girl and in love with guitars!! One of my favourite bands is U2. At the moment I also enjoy listening to music from Lana Del Rey.. she sounds so unique.

What ‘s in your bag ?

A pair of highheels 😛 it’s a big bag.. haha. And lipgloss.

What do you think about french style ?

French style is very chic without making an effort… discreet colours, not overdressed. I think it is also an attitude. It comes easy and I love that. I really like the designs of Isabel Marant.

And..french people ?

From my point of view I can say they are really nice and helpful, even when you come as a stranger. When I walk down the streets people are smiling at me, making compliments. Especially the boys are very charming haha.

What kind of relationship do you have with others models ?

It’s like in every job I suppose.. There are people you have a good chemistry with and other ones you don’t really wanna talk to. If there are troubles I try to smile them away, that’s it 🙂

Where are you been for shooting ? Did you travel around the world ?

At the moment, I want to establish myself in europe but I do have also many requests from japan, korea, china etc.

Where do you want to go now ? What kind of country, culture… ?

To be honest: Paris is the city of my dreams ! When I first came here, I fell in love with it. That’s why I am learning to speak french at the moment. Art, History, Culture – It’s all here. When there’s enough time I would also like to discover more parts of France. For modeling I would like to see New York once.

What do you like on our shooting ?

I enjoyed the entire shooting so much. The team was very professional and easy going. The concept, styling, location… it was like a little time travel. Really felt like a modern retro lady.

What can we wish for you for the future ?

Wish me a lot of love!! So do I 🙂