Photography by BOBBY BUDDY

A CERTAIN LIGHTNESS Exhibition Paris October 2018



Three years ago A Certain Lightness was born from the need to provide some kind of answer to the gruesome events that had taken place in Paris.It grew and developed from the felt urgency of needing to remain enchanted by the beauty of things, the beauty of the world.
A Certain Lightness is also an artistic and aesthetic exploration that delves beyond the realm of photography. It is the expression of a happy alchemy in which majestic still-lifes are set against eerie, almost dreamlike landscapes, in a fleeting and fragile time frame that unveils the almost uncanny perfection of the moment.
Great emphasis was put on the process of arriving at this alchemy. The fruits of a long process, the photographic prints were made from negatives enlarged by hand, with the help of Imaginoir, a laboratory that specializes in analogic photography.
The use of this process enabled us to anchor this series in a timeless dimension verging on the universal. Starting from a personal and introspective body of work, the Bobby Buddy duo conducts viewers on a sentimental journey through their own feelings.
In the final analysis, everything is a matter of emotion. Bobby Buddy invite their audience, with grace and elegance, to experience a delicious feeling of lightness, immersing them in the poetic contemplation of landscapes in order to better lose themselves in the infinity of the horizon. There is also a voluptuous sensuality in their approach to form and color in the still-lifes, which encourage the loss of self-awareness in the immensity of nuance.
Bobby Buddy’s journey is one that allows us to find the time to breathe again, to be moved by beautiful things simply because the emotions they provoke remind us, in the words of Fernando Pesoa, that “what we see is not about what we see but about what we are.”. (Fernando Pessoa)